Double Drawer - Drawer Unit comes in both 6" and 12" high versions. All drawers include laminated drawer fronts with rounded corners and smooth rolling drawer slides. Locks are optional. 
Note: All drawers are 16½" wide x 21⅞" deep outside and include mounting hardware.

Electrical Strip Mounting Rails bolt to vertical uprights and provide mounting surface for electrical strips.

Our Vertical Uprights are manufactured of 1 5/8" x 1 5/8" x 12 gauge channel. The Vertical Uprights bolt to the rear of the workstation for infinite adjustment of accessories over the work surface. 12" is required below the surface for mounting. Priced per pair.

This 12" deep Lower Shelf is manufactured of high pressure laminate (1¼" thick) with black protective edge molding. A structural brace is included for additional support.

Rich and distinctively styled, dual bulb florescent light with flat acrylic diffuser** and T8 ballast to accept standard bulbs. The light body is powder coated to match or to compliment the workstation coloring. Additionally, the light adjusts angularly and front-to-back. Also includes lighted switch and comes in a wide array of colors and textures

Our heavy duty Tubular Instrument Shelf offers ample support for heavy equipment and easily fastens to the work surface. Standard height is 18"

Phoenix's Full Depth Lower Shelf is manufactured of 1¼" thick, high pressure laminate and provides added storage below the work surface.

Casters for converting any of our heavy duty tables into a mobile workstation. Standard 4" by 1¼" polyurethane wheels provide smooth rolling. All Casters are swivel type and include total locks for locking both swivel and wheel. Capacity is 250 lbs. per caster. Priced per set of 4.

The telescoping Leg Extenders are available in two (2) sizes. Both are adjustable using a single bolt on 1" centers and include leveling pads. Priced per set of 4.

Our Flat Cantilever Shelf is manufactured with 1¼" thick, high pressure laminated surfaces and includes heavy duty welded support frames. The shelf is infinitely adjustable on our vertical uprights.

A Tack Board can be added to any of our workstations. Standard size is 12" high. Fabric overlay is optional.  Call for information.

Our Laminated Instrument Shelf is manufactured with a decorative high pressure laminate throughout. It provides up to 150 lbs. of capacity of Evenly Distributed Weight (EDW). Standard height is 18".

These risers typically include 4 duplex (8 outlets) receptacles, on/off switch, circuit breaker and 6" power cord. Standard electrical is 15A/120V. Overall height is 19 ¼".

Our overhead Light Frame Assembly includes a dual bulb light fixture with on/off switch and a 9 foot power cord.

Single Drawer - Drawer Unit in both 6" and 12" high versions. All drawers include thermofoil drawer fronts with rounded edges, integrated pull and smooth rolling drawer slides. Locks are optional. 
Note:   All drawers are 16½" wide x 21⅞" deep outside and include mounting hardware.
Classic style fronts available upon request.

Standard Electrical Strips are 15 amps, 125 volts with on/off switch, power indicator light and 6 foot power cord. Color is gray.

Our Task Light can be mounted to the underside of any of our shelves. The Task Light includes an on/off switch and 9 foot power cord (Shelf is NOT included).