Dual Conductor Fabric Wrist Strap and Coil Cord Set

The one-size-fits-all WB7000 series dual conductor wrist strap set is designed for use with a
Dual Conductor Constant Workstation Monitor  to maximize ESD protection.

*Adjustable Elastic nylon Band, Blue
*2 conductive paths, 180 degrees around wrist
*Dual Conductor Coil Cord: 5, 10, or 20 feet

Item NumberDescription
WB7050Set, dual band, Small, 5' Cord
WB7100Set, dual band, Small, 10' Cord
WB7200Set, dual band, Small, 20' Cord

WB0070Dual Conductor Fabric Band, Blue

CC30505' Dual Conductor Coil Cord, Grey
CC310010' Dual conductor Coil Cord, Grey
CC320020' Dual Conductor Coil Cord, Grey

CM2815Dual Wire Continuous Resistance Monitor

WB7000 Dual Wire Fabric Wrist Strap