Item NumberDescription
WB5637Band, 6' cord, 4mm,  1 meg
WB5643Band, 12' cord, 4mm, 1 meg

WB5026Adjustable Fabric Band, 4mm

CC00376' Coil Cord, black, 4mm
CC004312' coil cord, black, 4mm

WB5600 Anti-Allergy Wrist Strap

‚ÄčAnti-Allergy Single Wire Wrist Strap and Coil Cord Set

The WB5600 Series anti-allergy wrist band set is the ideal grounding device for people with allergies to common metals. It features hypoallergenic silver-plated nylon thread for conductivity and the back plate has a plastic cover so that metal does not come in contact with skin.The band is standard with 4mm, male snap. The 2.5mm polyurethane coil insulation offers excellent coil memory.

*Black : 4mm snap

*Black Coil Cord:6' or 12'