Item NumberDescription
WB2637Band, 6' cord, 4mm,  1 meg
WB2643Band, 12' cord, 4mm, 1 meg

WB0026Adjustable Fabric Band, 4mm

CC00376' Coil Cord, black, 4mm
CC004312' coil cord, black, 4mm

Classic Single Wire Wrist Strap and Coil Cord Set

The WB2600 Series provides excellent protection for the best value. The adjustable fabric band comes standard with a 4mm snap but 7mm and 10mm snaps are also available. Choose between a 6' or 12' classic coil cord. Sold in sets but wrist band or cord may be purchased separately.


*Polyester silver-plated nylon fabric band.
*Maroon Band: 4mm snap
*Classic Black Coil Cord: 6' or 12'

WB2600 Fabric Wrist Strap