*Easy-to-clean seat and backrest resist water, chemicals, inks and  paints

*Backrest: Self-skinned urethane with integral lumbar support,  16.5” wide x 12.5” high with 0.09375” ventilating ribs.

*Seat: Self-skinned urethane, 18.5” wide x 17” deep x 1.5” thick  with waterfall front, shaped rear edge and 0.09375” ventilating  ribs.

*Controls: Standard with Task Control – Soft-touch pneumatic  seat-height adjustment, fixed rearward seat tilt of 3.5°, backrest  tilt, backrest-height adjustment.

*Anti-static, Clean Room rated to Class 1000/ISO 6


Seat Height Ranges

Adj. Range
Model# Mfg. Code
16" - 21" 
18"- 25"
21" - 31"

 Unique U

Wide Aluminum = UUW

Steel = UUS

Aluminum = UUA

Reinforced Composite = UUR

UU Series

Molded self-skinned urethane seats offer rugged durability and industrial cool.

Optional Configurations