Sentinel BTI Specifications
Air Flow

Two Speed fan (250fpm; 100cfm with fan

on high speed


+3 volt typical (Temperature range: 65F - 80F

R.H.: 15% - 65%

High Voltage

5.5 KV DC nominal: (1) positive power

supply HVDC + (1) negative HVDC

Input Power

AC line power, internally selectable for

100-120 VAC, 50/60Hz, 1PH, 75ma

or 200-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 1PH 50ma


250ma slow blow: located at AC inlet

inside rear cover, 2 required

Ion EmissionSteady state DC with sensor feedback
Emitter Pin

.050" diameter 316 stainless steel

Electrodes; 8 required

ChassisPowder coated aluminum or steel housing

7.0 pounds with cord: 7.4 pounds shipping

weight with packaging


9.82"H (with stand) 6.76"W (8.08" with 

knobs) 3.77" deep


Bench top tilt adjust frame with locking

knobs; can also be wall or shelf mounted

OzoneLess than 0.005 ppm
CertificationsANSI/ESD STM3.1

The Sentinel Ionizing Blower is an ionizing blower design to be compact and lightweight. Excellent for preventing particle attraction and for use in ESD applications. The Sentinel can be used either setting on a benchtop or mounted on a wall or shelf. Dual fan speeds and compact size make this blower excellent for Medical applications and Electronics Assembly.

It’s features include:

*Compact benchtop ionizing blower
*Low offset voltage
*Features steady state DC ionization
*Easy access to emitter pins for cleaning
*Dual Fan Speed
*White powder coat finish
*On/Off Status Indicator
*Adjustable angle mounting stand adaptable for benchtop or wall mounting
*Provides automatic balancing of the ionization system
*Meets the S3.1 Ionizer Standard

Sentinel BTI