​TheDC-ESR-C is a linear ionizing bar that uses the corona discharge method to generate ions. With its low dust emission design, this device is suitable for controlling static in the clean room and inside of laminar flow workstations. 

  Products used in Pharmaceutical Packaging

​The AGZ III is a compact and lightweight Ionizing Air-gun that eliminates static electricity and cleans products in the Electronics, Semiconductor, Medical Device and Industrial markets. The AGZ III has excellent Ion Balance and fast Static Decay Rates that make it the ideal choice for most applications that require static elimination. The AGZIII comfortably fits into the hand of an operator, and can be directed at isolated areas where other devices fail, or cannot effectively deliver ionization. The AGZ III is configurable using custom nozzles for specific applications, and the powerful air stream it generates is ideal for blowing away dust and particulate with ionized air.

​Portable and flexible, the ZappPLUS System, with its ZappII Piezonizer, is ideal for neutralizing electrostatic charges and blowing loose, dry, surface contaminants from parts, assemblies and packaging materials in Injection Molding, Medical Device, Industrial, Electronics and Semiconductor applications.   The ZappII’s built-in High Frequency Piezoelectric Transformer produces an abundance of balanced ions in an ultra-compact housing

The Particle Trap Cube

PT Cube is a source capture tool that solves a major problem related to blowing off particles in manufacturing and clean room environments. Clean your parts with confidence without compromising the integrity of your clean room. 

MBDCS Station: Medical Blister & Device Cleaning Station

The Static Clean MCS-Medical Cleaning Station is an excellent contamination control tool designed to improve yields by reducing rework.

​The ELIMINOSTAT CABX is ideal for electronic devices where delicate static elimination is required. 

4203 Ionizing Bar.  ​The ultimate static eliminator for machinery manufacturers: compact, with built-in electronics, 24VDC supply and very powerful performance.