PT6000/PTM Specifications
Weight36 lbs21.5 lbs
Hepa Filter Weight3.9 lbs3.2 lbs
Pre-Filter Weight0.3 lbs0.2 lbs
Airlfow192 cfm93 cfm
Face  Velocity110 fpm110 fpm
Sound62 dba62 dba

Steel Cabinet,

epoxy paint, lexan hood

Steel Cabinet,
epoxy paint, lexan hood
Voltage120v, 60Hz, single phase120V, 60 Hz, single phase

Particle Trap

The Particle Trap 6000 (PT6000) and Particle Trap Mini (PTM) is a source capture system that solves a major problem when blowing off particles in controlled or clean room environments. With the PT6000, you can clean your medical device, optics, packaging materials with confidence while maintaining the integrity of your clean room. The PT6000 utilizes a filtration system that includes a Pre-Filter and HEPA Filter combination to trap particulates using negative pressure, permanently removing the contaminants from your environment or clean room.  Clean, HEPA filtered air is returned back into the clean room or laboratory, eliminating the need for external ductwork and/or the loss of conditioned air in the facility.


* Low-profile, completely portable and affordable, no ductwork required

* Compact size, easily positioned on countertops when bench space is at a  premium

* Clear viewing through a poly-carbonate hood for optimal visual inspection

* Side clasps allow for easy replacement of the Pre-Filter and HEPA filter

* Illuminating rocker switch visually verifies the system is powered on for customer  convenience

* Solid state controller to change fan speed from low to high depending on the  application

* Pre-Filter efficiency superior to 95.5% down to 0.5 micron

* HEPA filter designed to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns

* Optional bracket hardware available for wall-mount applications

* Optional floor stands available at the workstation when bench space is limited