Product #MFC1   =  9"x9" blue wipes;

72 per case

Product #MFC24 =  9"x9" blue wipes;

24 per case

Staticide® Microfiber Cloth
Great for Lenses, Computer Screens, Microscopes

In one motion, this cloth can eliminate the need for harmful cleaners and disposable wipes. This material naturally attracts dust and can withstand multiple machine washings. The sturdy construction of the MFC Staticide®Microfiber Wipe is soft enough to avoid scratching on lenses and glass surfaces. The material lifts dirt and dust without the use of chemicals and gets softer with washing.

Suitable to use on optical lenses, laboratory instruments, microscopes, cell phones, computer screens, and compact disks.

Easy to Use: For the best performance, soak cloth in water prior to initial use and allow it dry. This will remove any dust from packaging or manufacturing. For dusting, use dry. For cleaning, dampen with water. Avoid oversaturation. If electing to use a cleaner, avoid detergents with bleach and abrasive materials like silica. Once dirty, hand wash under warm water with liquid detergent or machine wash on a regular cycle. Avoid washing with linty items like towels. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Do not iron. 

Ideal for the following applications:

• Removing smudges from compact discs, cell phones, televisions, flat    screens, and computer monitors.

• Cleaning camera, microscope, and optical lenses

• Maintaining laboratory instruments

• Polishing glass and stainless steel 

*Size: 9" x 9"
*Reusable; machine washable
*Soft; will not scratch
*No lint


*Attractive border

*Light blue