Heavy Duty Lint-Free Wipes

Ideal for a wide range of purposes from every day cleaning to ESD-safe environments, the LF50 is our favorite wipe to recommend for the application of Staticide® products including our Staticide® topicals and 6001 Mat and Table Top Cleaner. Made with industrial strength Sontara®spunlace fabric, the LF50 wipes offers low linting, superior absorbency and exceptional durability. LF50 Heavy Duty Wipes meet practically every demand for cleaning in an industrial manufacturing environment.

*12" x 13", 1/4 fold
*45% polyester and 55% wood pulp blend
*Material made from Sontara® spunlace fabric

*Thickness: 13.3 mils (.337 mm) as per ASTM D1117

*Breaking Strength: (MD/XD) 35 lb / 19.1 lb per ASTM D5034 *Weight: 2.0 oz/yd2 (67.8 g/m2)

*Appearance: White

*Specific Gravity: (Water=1) .1-.3

*Melting Point: >250°C / 320°F

*Solubility in Water: Negligible

Product #LF50  =  12"x13" wipes; 50 per bag; 12 bags per case