​Transport Cart

Store up to 450 boards in a small amount of floor space
Hold up to six Karry-All racks for horizontal transport.  
Designed to hold Model 80--18-2 Karry All  
Custom models available for larger boards
Sturdy construction of tubular, plated steel
Five inch diameter polyurethane casters and grounding chain.

Karry-All Model 79

Medium boards and
hard-to-hold edges
Unique double slots measure .125" W x .125" D inside a .600" W x .200" D slot for boards with components on the edges  
18 slots on a pitch of .700"  
Model 79-20B-5 fits a standard 17" x 21" tote box  
Horizontal storage with optional leg brackets (KAL-2) for 5" deep model  
11" deep models need no brackets for horizontal storage  
Optional carrying handle  

Adjustable Racks

Karry-All Model 80

For medium to large boards  
Card guides are 12.5" deep; optional 18" and 24" guides for very large boards  
75 numbered slots measure .110" W x .155" D on a .210" pitch  
Easy board insertion with offset ribs  
Steel stiffeners and molded ribbing prevent flexing of card guides  
Each locking thumb screws
Fits many standard transport carts for horizontal transport
Extrusions can be ordered in any custom length for special applications
Optional carrying handle shown at left

Karry-All Model 76

Small to medium boards
39 numbered slots measure .135" W x .135" D on a .260" pitch
Easy board insertion with offset ribs
Thumb screws for tool-free adjustment
Add additional card guides to create multiple sections
Optional leg brackets for horizontal storage of 4" deep models
8" deep models can be used horizontally without legs
Optional carrying handle