ESD Sheet Protectors w/ White Stripe and Three Hole Punch

are designed for use in ESD controlled areas where Electronic sensitive material is produced. All sheet protectors are made from 2 mil, stable, amine-free, polypropylene clear film. The material is specially treated to reduce 90% of charge generation in less than 1 sec per NFPA-56A and MIL-B-81705B.

Main features:

*Lightly embossed to reduce glare.
*Resistant to print transfer.
*White stripe with ESD identification.
*Surface Resistivity: 10^9 - 10^11 @ 15% RH. Std.
*3-Hole Punch.​​

DC1185 =  8.5 X 11, 100 PER PACK

​E.S.D sheet protectors for three ring binders available in clear Anti-Static polyethylene.  Anti-static polyethylene offers an economical form of protection, resistant to photocopy and laser jet transfer.  

​*polycarbonate compatible, low out gassing, non corrosive

​*Eliminates the hazard of static damage to electronic components

​*meets electrical specifications of MIL-B-81705D Type II

ST1SP008011X  =  8.5" X 11",  100 PER BOX 

  ESD Sheet Protectors