​​Tyvec Pouch Desiccant 

Tyvec desiccant begins it’s work by absorbing air borne moisture left inside the bag when you’ve finished vacuum packaging. Then it captures moisture that manages to pass through the bag material. Secured in a strong envelope of either clean room compatible, sulphur-free Tyvek desiccant helps keep your devices dry, even through unexpected shipping delays or longer than anticipated storage time.

Kraft Paper Desiccant 

Desiccant works by efficiently absorbing airborne moisture left inside the bag after vacuum sealing, and captures moisture that manages to pass through the bag material. Secure in a strong envelope of economical Kraft Paper, these desiccants keep your devices dry. Meets the requirements of EIA 583 and MIL-D-3464, Types I&II.


Kraft Desiccant Sizing Chart

Part NumberUnitQtyContainerWeightBag Dimensions
02BS10R131/61,2005 Gal Pail202.75 x 2.250
02BK10R131/37005 Gal Pail223.125 x 2.375
02BL10R131/25505 Gal Pail243.5 x 2.375
02BM10R1611,30030 Gal Drum1284.5 x 3.0
02BM10R1313005 Gal Pail27

4.5 x 3.0

02BN10R16280030 Gal Drum1504.5 x 5.0
02BN10R1321505 Gal Pail324.5 x 5.0
02BO10R16450030 Gal Drum1566.250 x 5.0

Tyvec Desiccant Size Chart

Part NumberUnitQtyContainerWeightBag Dimensions
02BS10A131/61,2005 Gal Pail202.125 x 2.125
02BK10A131/37005 Gal Pail222.5 x 2.125
02BL10A131/25505 Gal Pail252.875 x 2.125
02BM10A1611,80030 Gal Drum1274.5 x 3.0
02BM10A1313005 Gal Pail284.5 x 3.0
02BN10A16280030 Gal Drum1354.5 x 5.0
02BN10A1321505 Gal Pail324.5 x 5.0
02BO10A16450030 Gal Drum1566.25 x 5.0
02BQ10A16830030 Gal Drum1948.25 x 4.5
02BR10A161615030 Gal Drum18411 x 4.5