Drawer Cabinet

​Corstat™ Drawer Cabinet is the most economical method available for storing a variety of small components at the workstation. The rigid double wall Corstat™ cabinet contains 5 conductive thermoformed drawers with 10 cells per drawer. Each cell is 3 x 1.5 x 1". All components are made from the highest quality conductive materials to comply with your static control program.

Document Holder

​Static Dissipative Document Holder with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backing

Tool Cubby

​Tool Cubby was created to provide a versatile, workstation friendly, and economical desktop organizer. The Tool Cubby is made with double wall conductive plastic and reinforced wire rim. It contains rigid partitions that can be removed and adjusted to create a variety of cell sizes to fit your every need.

Pillowstat Shippers

​PillowStat ESD, new concept in component packaging includes (2) 1/4" conductive foam 'pillow pads' inside a static shielding injection molded plastic box. This package is designed to safely package one or more ESD sensitive devices without custom tooling. The unique conductive foam tends to form around the encapsulated item. Ball grid arrays, wafers, and components with fine pitched leads are possible applications. Conductive plastic box ships assembled with foam inserted and an ESD safe label attached. This design competes very favorably with the 'sticky gel' products on price and has better ESD properties. The 'sticky gel' can be insulative. Our foam is conductive and will not generate a charge.

Corstat and CFP Bins

​CFP Bins provide ESD protection in-plant for Dip Tubes, ICs and other components. CFP(conductive fluted plastic) is made with 3mm plastic and is a very durable material for your static shielding storage system

​CORSTAT™ Bins provide ESD protection inplant for DIP tubes, ICs and other components. Available in open, stackable and hopper styles. Corstat bins are an economical method for completing your static control program with a static shielding storage system. Save costs vs. static shielding bags.

Kitting Trays

​CP Kitting Trays offer versatile in-plant handling & storage for static sensitive components. CCI vacuum forms the trays from durable .090 mil conductive plastic. Die-cut-drop-in covers available for sizes indicated above. Ask us about static dissipative and clean room versions.

Reel Tote and Storage Solutions

Storing reels is a common concern for our customers.  We use Corstat, conductive corrugated, conductive fluted plastic (CFP), ESD safe plastics, and foams in a wide variety of designs that have proven to be successful time and time again. Maximizing shelf space, ESD sensitivity, cleanliness and physical protection are important variables that we consider in designing the correct container.

Corstat IC Shippers

​Corstat™ Compak® Shippers are static shielding shippers for sensitive electronic components. Compak® Shippers eliminate the need for static shielding bags. Conductive crosslink foam on the bottom provides for insertion of leads to hold the component in place during transport. Antistatic cushioning foam is adhered to the top.  Add M to the part numbers below to order mailer only shipped KD, with no foam.

SM Compak Shipper

Protect against lead damage
SM ComPak® eliminates lead damage when shipping or handling components with fragile leads. Leads are suspended while shipping. A squeeze feature allows the part to be removed from packaging without being touched by operator's hands.

Protect against Static
Electronic components that are sensitive to static are protected by static shielding Corstat™ shipper. The thermoformed insert, foam and adhesive are static dissipative to prevent any charge from being generated.

Inplant Handlers

Rigid double wall construction, Adjustable partitions, Quality Corstat static shielding.
No bags or bagging labor, Use in-plant or interplant, Built to last years
All in-plant handlers have covers included.
In-plant handlers will ship KDF (Knocked-Down Flat)

Corstat Component Shippers

JEDEC Pads, Corstat Reel Folders and Corsat Jedec Folders, Corstat Antistat Foldpak, Pillowstat Folders

Corstat Correc Pak and CFP Mailers/Shippers

CFP Shippers are acceptable at static safe workstations, allowing the package to comply with your ESD program guidelines. Regular Kraft corrugated can be insulative and generate damaging charges. CFP Shippers are made with 3mm conductive fluted plastic and static dissipative convoluted urethane foam. Foam is shipped loose in mailer


Plastic label placards w/PSA. Used to help organize your totes in storage and workstations.