ESD Applicator Brush 

An inexpensive utility duster/cleaner that is an excellent replacement for disposable acid brushes that quickly lose fibers. Zinc Plated Steel handle holds the fibers in place with no adhesives to leach out and contaminate surface areas. 

Z-Mar Part Number: 1CK - Hog Bristle, 1HH - Horse Hair  
• Trim: 3/4"
• Handle: 4 1/2"L x 3/8"D

​4 Row Plywood Handle Brush 

General Cleaning Brush works well for cleaning and roughing. 

Z-Mar Part Number: 36CK - Hog Bristle, 36HH - Horse Hair  
• Trim: 3/4" Flat
• Rows: 4 x 9
• Handle: 8 1/4"L x 1 1/16"D​​


Small Upright Brushes 

Known as the typewriter brush. Small for getting into areas that are tight. 

Z-Mar Part NumberWA12CK - Hog Hair Bristle, WA12HH - Horse Hair  
• Trim: 1/2"
• Rows: 2 x 6
• Handle: 4 15/16"L x 1 1/6"D

​Applicator Brush - Double Ended 

Double Ended. One side has short, flat end and the other end has an extra stiff chiseled trim. Stainless Steel. 

Z-Mar Part Number1010CK - Hog Bristle, 1010HH - Horse Hair  
• Trim: 3/16" Tapered, 1/4" Flat
• Handle: 4 1/2"L x 3/8"D

3 Row Plywood Handle Brush 

All Purpose "toothbrush-style" Brush. Bent for knuckle protection.

Basic brush for every tool kit 

Z-Mar Part Number30CK - Hog Bristle, 30HH - Horse Hair  
• Trim: 7/16"
• Rows: 3 x 7
• Handle: 7 3/4"L x 7/16"D