​The BF-SZAII Ionizing blower is a small profile ionizer, and is a great choice to address static problems in locations that have physical restrictions. The ionizer is ideally suited for both the Electronics industry along with the Life-Sciences market where ESD events can cause process issues, and destruction to electronic components.   The blower can also be used for in-tool applications and for spot ionization, instead of using compressed air technology.

Features include:

• HV Alarm and Fan Alarm function

• Easy maintenance with detachable louver to gain access to emitters

• Safety feature shutting blower off if the louver is removed

• On/Off rocker switch

• Fan speed adjustment option available;

(small phillips screwdriver required to control speed)

**Please Note** – AC Adapter (p/n OBF-24V) is not included with the purchase of a SZAII blower. AC100-240V wall transformer sold separately.

BF-SZAII Ionizer Specifications
TypeUlta-Compact Air Ionizer
Input VoltageDC24V
Air Volume7-11cfm
Output VoltageAC 2500V
Ion Balancebelow + 10V
Sound Level48dba (at 3' distance)
Ambient Temp< or = 40C (104F)

Signal output cable, cleaning

brush, manual 13 oz (w/bracket)

Weight13 oz with bracket
Dimensions2.75"W x 3.2"H x 1.8"D