AGZ III Technical Specifications

Input power supply24VDC (AC Adapter Supplied)
Current Consumption0.1A
HV Power SupplyHigh Frequency, hi voltage power supply
Output Voltage2.5 VAC
Ion Balance+/- 15v or less
Supply Airflow89 liters/min @ 14 psi to 31.4 liters/min @ 73 psi
Ozone Density0.04 ppm or less
Operating Environment0 to 40 degree C
Supply Air Range7-87 psi
Main Unit Dimensions5.9" x 7.1" x 2.6"
Weight200 grams
Alarm FunctionLED indicator when hi-voltage output stops

Green: normal power ouput

Red: abnormal power output

The AGZ III Ionizing Gun is a compact and lightweight Ionizing Air-gun that eliminates static electricity and cleans products in the Electronics, Semiconductor, Medical Device and Industrial markets. The AGZ III has excellent Ion Balance and fast Static Decay Rates that make it the ideal choice for most applications that require static elimination. The AGZIII comfortably fits into the hand of an operator, and can be directed at isolated areas where other devices fail, or cannot effectively deliver ionization. The AGZ III is configurable using custom nozzles for specific applications, and the powerful air stream it generates is ideal for blowing away dust and particulate with ionized air.


*The AGZ III is lightweight at 200 grams, which greatly increases work efficiency.
*The built in piezoelectric transformer, mounted in the main unit, ensures a safe product
 design with no exposed high voltage cable.
*Strong Blow-off force
*Air Pressure Range 7-87 psi
*Gun can operate using CDA (Clean Dry Air) or Nitrogen Air (standard nitrogen tips  available)
*Cable standard with 3 meter (10’) cord

Note: Nozzle Tip and AC Adapter come standard with Gun