1 Ionized Air Gun with Hose

1 Console

1 Console Mounting Plate

1 Air Filter

1 Power Adapter, 120VAC Input, 24VAC output, North America Plug (980 Only)

1 Female Quick Connect Coupling

1 S-Hook

4 Mounting Screws

1 Certificate of Calibration

Point-Of-Use Compressed Air Ionizer
Neutralize electrostatic charges to eliminate ElectroStatic Attraction (ESA), visual imperfections, and contamination by dislodging charged dust and debris

Fast < 1 Second Discharge Times with ±30 Volt Offset Voltage Balance Tested Per ANSI/ESD STM 3.1 and ESD TR53
Meets ANSI/ESD S20.20 ionizer required limits

Modular Design with 7 Foot ESD Protective Hose with Trigger Switch
Allows operators freedom of motion and minimizes awkward or unsupported positions

Use Filtered Air or Nitrogen – No Adjustment Required
Allows for quick change between compressed gas supply

Console Mounting Hardware Included
Mount the Ionized Air Gun in the most convenient and productive locations

Quick Filter Replacement Feature
Minimizes down time

120VAC Power Adapter with North American Plug
Works with standard electrical systems in North America