4203 Ionizing Bar

Accessories & Spares

Cables must be ordered separately in addition to Bar.

3m cable with180 degree connector 8089290 degree connector 80933
5m cable with 180 degree connector 8093090 degree connector 80934
7.5m cable with180 degree connector 8093190 degree connector 80935
10m cable with 180 degree connector 8093290 degree connector 80936
Power Supply24VDC x 110-250VAC with 1.2m (4') cable Part: 4203-31101
Additonal mounting blocksPart: 708026 additional M6 nylon bolts 80788

The 4203 Ionizing Bar is the ultimate static eliminator for machinery manufacturers: compact, with built-in electronics, 24VDC supply and very powerful performance.

Benefits and Advantages:
*Static neutralization to meet the requirements of high performance machinery.

*Integrated high voltage power supply, requires only a low voltage 24V DC input.
*Shockless, resistively coupled, long life tungsten emitters.
*LED status indication: Bar OK: (green), fault (red).

*Remote monitoring of operational status
*100% coverage. Effective length = Overall length. No dead zone.
*Standard M8 4 pin connector

Available in two Versions:
1) high speed version for speeds up to 1000m/min (3300ft/min) HS4203
2) long range version distances from 100mm to 500mm (4 – 20″) LR4203


Versatile mounting blacks which slide in slot in bottom of extrusion. M6 nylon bolts supplied with each mounting block, two mounting blocks for bars up to 1m (39"), three for bars over 1m (39"), four for bars over 2m (78")