3 Layer Vinyl Dissipative Table Mat

"VinylStat B": 3 Layer Premium Table Mat w/ Foam Back

VinylStatB provides excellent ESD protection and extra cushion for component safety and operator comfort. VMB utilizes a three layer construction consisting of a conductive metalized fleece sandwiched between a solid, vinyl top surface and a foam, base layer. Resistant to degradation by acids, reducing agents, detergent solutions, alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, mineral oil, amines, and aldehydes.

Thickness: 0.125"
Available in Blue and Gray rolls

The 30600 Series Mat is Three Layer Vinyl Table Mat.  

Surface is smooth with a thickness of .110 mil   
These mats are cushioning mats  Ground snap included. 
Standard Sizes: 
24” Wide x 50ft, all colors
48” Wide x 50ft, all colors

Available in Colors: Beige (30600), Blue (30601), and

Dark Brown (30605)
Also available with 3/8" Neoprene foam backing.