Conductive Stretch Glove

​*one size fits most

*Specific Gravity of 1.1g/cm3 and diameters of 15 to 19 um.

*cyclic conductive layers on the outer surface of the fiber formed by dyeing and acrylonitrile fiber with copper sulfide instead of dye

*low specific resistance of 5.85 x 10^2 ohms/sq. demonstrating conductivity nearly equal to that of semi-conductors

*fully washable, tested 50 cycles with no appreciable loss of conductivity.

*Average surface resistivity: <10^4 ohms/sq.  ASTM D 257 specification, Class 1 - Category A

*Static Deca: 5 KV to OV = <0.1 sec  Mil-B-81705 B Specification

Sold in Pairs