ZappPLUS specifications

Power Supply

DC +24V(+/- 10%); 100-240VI to 24 Vo DC

Power Adapter w/120V US plug included

Input Amperage:2.4 VA
Output VoltageAC 3kV
Ion Balance+/- 15v
Air Pressure7-87 psi (0.05-0.6 Mpa)
Air Flow: 1.4 - 5.7 cfm (30-160 lpm)
Environment50-104F (10-40C) up to 75% RH (non condensing)
Air SupplyRequires CDA (clean dry compressed air) or Nitrogen
EmitterTungsten Emitter Needle for Long Life
Effective RangeSeveeral inches to several feet
Weight3.8 lbs

Controller: 5.31 x 2.95 x 1.97"

ZappII: 3.43 x 0.70 x 1.97"

Gooseneck: 19.63 x 0.655" diam w/2" table-clamp

ZappPlus System

​Portable and flexible, the ZappPLUS System, with its ZappII Piezonizer, is ideal for neutralizing electrostatic charges and blowing loose, dry, surface contaminants from parts, assemblies and packaging materials in Injection Molding, Medical Device, Industrial, Electronics and Semiconductor applications.   The ZappII’s built-in High Frequency Piezoelectric Transformer produces an abundance of balanced ions in an ultra-compact housing. CDA (Clean Dry Air) or nitrogen blowing through the ZappII effectively neutralizes static charges and removes particles from surfaces.

The ZappII and a sensor eye are mounted to the end of an adjustable gooseneck with table-clamp, for easy mounting on the edge of your work surface for quick setup of the system. Simply shape the gooseneck to aim the ZappII nozzle in an ergonomically and process friendly direction for hands-free operation. The sensor detects the presence of your part, sending power and air/nitrogen to the ZappII via the system controller. The distance from the target to the sensor is easily adjusted from a few to many inches to control how close the part must be to turn the system on, helping control process and efficiency.

The ZappPLUS multi-function Controller includes a system On/Off switch, needle valve to adjust the pressure and flow to the ZappII and ‘tri-mode’ switch to change the air/nitrogen from a constant stream to a High (10Hz) or Low (5Hz) Frequency Pulse, excellent for purging particles out of hard-to-clean nooks and crannies. An alarm LED indicates a system failure or excessive contamination of the ZappII. An off-delay timer, programmable from 0-60 seconds, keeps the ionized airflow on if the target momentarily moves out of line with the sensor, handy if the part is optically clear or has openings the sensor sees through.


 Controller with:
     • System On/Off Switch
     • Needle Valve to adjust pressure/flow to ZappII
     • Tri-Mode Function; Constant, High Frequency (10Hz) or Low Frequency (5Hz) Pulsed Flow
     • Off Delay Feature with Switch, adjustable from 0-60 seconds

• Gooseneck with 2” table-clamp for easy mounting and aiming
• Standard Nozzle with OSHA tip (SHOZ-S-US)
• Proximity Sensor with adjustable ‘on’ distance (recommended distance 1”-12”)
• Hi-Output Ionization
• Hands-Free operation
• Efficient use of CDA/nitrogen, generates high pressure at low volume
• ZappII LED’s indicate System Status

* Tungsten Emitter Needle can be easily removed from ZappII for cleaning or replacement


ZappPlus with Footswitch (SHZII-FGC) to Activate System

  Note:  Controller does not include the off-delay timer

Shower Nozzle (SHoz-60S), Flat Nozzle (SHOZ-F), Drilled Airtubes (SHOZ-100B-500B), or Flexible Tube (SHOZ-C100-C500) nozzles available upon request.

ZappII w/Sensor