WB4000 Premium Single Wire Wrist Strap and Coil Cord Set

A comfortable blue nylon band with a machine snap coupled with one of our premium coil cords.

*Blue fabric band polyester with copper sulfide nylon thread for conductivity.
*Featuring a machined 4mm post

*4mm snap

*Premium Black Coil Cord:    6' or 12'

WB4000 Premium Single Wire Wrist Strap

Item NumberDescription
WB4037Band, 6' cord, 4mm, 1 meg
WB4043Band, 12' cord, 4mm, 1 meg

WB4016Adjustable Fabric Band, 4mm

CC90376' Coil Cord, black, 4mm
CC904312' coil cord, black, 4mm

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