TSN75A Power Supply

​The TSN75A Power Supply is a current-limited transformer based AC voltage source with resistively-damped output coupling which provides enhanced load (i.e. ionizing apparatus or Applicator) regulation. This enhanced stability vs. a large range of loads results in improved reliability and longevity of both the supply and the load (Patent Pending). The TSN75A includes an input dual-voltage selector switch to support operation with a multitude of international mains power systems
(e.g. 100V…120V and 220V…240V at 50Hz or 60Hz).

Features Include:

• dual HV-output receptacles
• field-serviceable componentry
• user-safe current limiting
• AC ionization for many Applicator systems (e.g. static bar/rod, air  gun/nozzle/knife/blower)
• mounting bracket(s) and footprint compatible with TSN70 and other AC power  supplies
• HV-output resistive coupling stabilizes ionization for range of small to large  Applicator loads

TSN75A Specifications

TypeHigh-voltage transformer with resistive output coupling
Input Voltage120/240 VAC
Frequency50/60 Hz
Output Voltage

7.5 kVRMS nom.

Input Current, Fuse0.2/0.1 A max., 0.315A slo-blo
Output Current4 mA max
Ambient Temp< or = 40C (104F)
Line Cord, Plug6' detachable, NEMA 120V
Optional Cordsw UK, Euro, NEMA 240V plugs
Weight4.4 lb
Dimensions4.7"W x 4.3"H x 6.0"D