10R – ACL 10R Primer

ACL 10R provides enduring protection against water penetration damage on a variety of surfaces including non-sealed concrete.

4300 – Staticide® Eco-Friendly

Formulated specifically to comply with stringent international and US regulations to provide static protection without harmful chemicals.

4020 – Neutral Cleaner Concentrate

Staticide® Neutral Cleaner is a low-foaming, multi-purpose maintenance cleaner. There is no filming or streaking when cleaning with this unique formula, making it the perfect product for any type of facility, including ESD-safe areas.

4600 – Staticide® Ultra

Long-lasting finish provides static protection for up to 24 months without stripping. Best choice for companies needing long-term performance and durability.

4000 – Staticide® Acrylic

High solids, low-cost method of protecting your sensitive manufacturing areas from the dangers of static buildup. Ideal for companies required to do frequent or annual stripping.

4700SS – Staticide®Diamond ESD Paint

No-nonsense choice for coating concrete in data centers, warehouses, and temporary ESD work spaces.

Static Dissipative Floor Finishes

5700 – Staticide® Premium ESD Paint

This high-performance, water-based polyurethane coating is formulated with the finest high-tech materials for consistent static protection, resilience, and brilliant appearance.

4800 – Staticide® Ultra II

Made with advanced acrylic polymers to allow superior adhesion and static control for out-of-warranty ESD floors and other special surfaces. This long-life floor finish will revitalize shine and electrical properties of old ESD tile.

4010 – Staticide® Anti-Static Floor Stripper

Staticide® Anti-Static Floor Stripper removes multiple coats of wax and synthetic floor finishes quickly and efficiently while lifting embedded dirt from the floor.

4030 – Neutral Cleaner Ready-to-Use

Made from 4020 Neutral Cleaner, the 4030 formula is ready to use with no mixing necessary.

4100 – Staticide® Restorer Cleaner

Use Restorer Cleaner for cleaning heavily trafficked areas to extend cleaning cycles. This specialized cleaner will restore the gloss and revitalize the protective properties of ACL floor finishes.