Freeze Spray Anti-Stat

High-performance, pinpoint-accuracy freeze

spray that safely cools individual static

sensitive components

Part: 8660 = 12 oz/340 g aerosol

Hylfex Multi-purpose Coated Glove

Color: Gray/Black

Liner: Dark Gray Nylon

Coating: Black Foam Nitrile


Size:  7   =  Quantity 5 dozen

Size:  8   =  Quantity 3 dozen

Size: 10  =  Quantity 6 dozen

Price:  39.56 per dozen

Natural Rubber Palm Coated Glove

Cut, abrasion and puncture resistant

Wed and dry grip


Size: 10  =  Quantity 9 dozen

Size:  9   =  Quantity 8 dozen

Price:  24.25 per dozen

Sensilite Glove

Nylon Liner with Polyurethane Coating

color: Black

Offers precise handling of small objects in dry or light oily environments, This glove is the practical choice when you are looking for dexterity


Size:  6  =   Quantity 6 dozen

Size:  7   =  Quantity 5 dozen

Size:  8   =  Quantity 6 dozen

Size:  9   =  Quantity 3 dozen

Size: 10  =  Quantity 9 dozen

Size: 11  =  Quantity 1 dozen

Price:   17.00 per dozen

Precision Cleaner Dusters

80-100 Glove

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The 8640 and 8660 can be sold individually, in 1/2 case (6 cans) or full case (12 can) increments.

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11-600 Glove

Homogeneous Static Dissipative Material

SpecMat-Hstatic dissipative homogeneous work surface is a single-layer, ESD-safe, thermoplastic vinyl that is inherently dissipative throughout. Made in the USA, this material offers high value at a lower cost. The soft textured surface offers comfortable protection against static discharge, parts slippage, and damage from UV lights. The durable material is resistant against solder, heat, and most common solvents.

11-801 Glove

Hylfex Ultra Lightweight Assembly Glove

Knit liner, polyurethane palm dipped

Color: white on white


Size: 10  =  Quantity 18 dozen

Price: 24.35 per dozen

Turbo Blast

Duster with the biggest blast

to clean anything fast

Part: 8640 = 11 oz/296 g aerosol

8640 Spec Sheet

48-101 Glove

Freeze Sprays & Heat Sinks

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