Monitors (1) Operator

724 Single Workstation Continuous Monitor

Continuously monitors 2 operator dual-wire wrist straps  and 1 worksurface mat

Personal Grounding Testers

780 – Economy Combo Tester

Save time and money with the ACL 780 tester by testing grounding straps for both feet and wrist simultaneously. This simple meter will indicate resistance with a "high", "low" or "pass" signal.

CM2815 Dual Wire Constant Monitor

​Provides continuous monitoring of resistance for two wrist straps and two work surface mats. 


Monitors (2) Operators and (1) Bench Ground


Monitors (1) Operator and Bench Ground

750 – Combo Tester

The 750 can pass/fail wrist straps and heel grounders simultaneously and send actual resistance readings to a PC for data storage and reporting.