Model RA-14
Designed for boards that require a large full slot.  
Tolerates most chemicals and 350F.  
Measures 14" x 6" with 25 slots that measure .180" W x .333" D on a .500" pitch; weighs 1.7 lbs.  
Undercut ends for carrying, and drainage holes.  
Designed for baking and chemical resistance.

NonESD model #RA-14
NEW! Double wide #RA-14D or #RA14-CD (ESD safe) for large panels
ESD model #RA-14C tolerates 350° F

Racks: Model RA-24
Measures 8 3/8 x 23  
20 slots with easy-to-load angle, .125" W x .325 D on a 1.000" pitch  
Rugged construction with heavy reinforcing ribs  
Open carrying handles and stackable with similar models  
Molded in reinforced material that tolerates 185F 

RA-24CP conductive rack

Racks: Model RA-20
Measures 7" x 20", weighs 2 lbs.
20 slots with easy-to-load angle, .125" W x .325 D on a .750" pitch
Open carrying handles and stackable
Optional low cost non-ESD model
Tolerates 185F
New green static-dissipative model RA-20SDG.

Standard black conductive
Red plastic, non-ESD

Racks: Model RA-18C/SMT
Narrow, shallow slot is ideal for holding dense boards
with components near the edge.
30 slots meausure .075" w x .150" deep on a .500" pitch
Standard conductive material
Stackable when not in use
Carrying handles on the ends
Radius slot permits easy loading of boards

PCB Racks

Model RA-18
Measures 6" x 18", weighs .5 lb.
25 slots with parallel sides for more rigid holding, measure .125" x .300 on a .625" pitch.
Double wide models expand to hold boards up to 24" wide with a carrying handle; measures 20" W x 18"L.

Model # RA-18CD
High temp conductive model and very high temp for bare board processing tolerates acids, alkalines and solvents (non-ESD).

New green static dissipative model for lead-free boards, RA-18SDG
RA-18SDG Rack Material Specifications
New clean room model is permanently static dissipative, RA-18CL.
New Model for thin boards and boards with parts near the edge, slot size .075" x .125" on a .500" pitch
Click here to see schematic.

RA-18C Standard Conductive (185ºF)
RA-18CT High Temp Conductive (275ºF)
RA-18HT Very High Temp Polysulfone (325ºF) Non-ESD
RA-18CD Double Wide Conductive
RA-18CTD Double Wide Conductive High Temp
RA-18HTD Double Wide, Very High Temp.
KAU-20 Aluminum Extrusions to Hold Two RA-18
RA-18C/SMT For those boards with components near the edge; slot size .075" x .125" on .500" pitch
RA-18CL Clean room material and static-dissipative
RA-18SDG Green static dissipative material for lead-free boards

Angle Rack Model PCBH
Holds boards on two contiguous edges
Two models for small and large boards
Stackable when not in use
Drainage holes for use in cleaners