Precision Rinse PMX

Nonflammable contact cleaner safe for 

use on powered-up contacts and surrounding plastics

Part: 8605 = 12 oz/340 g aerosol

Turbo Blast

Duster with the biggest blast

to clean anything fast

Part: 8640 = 11 oz/296 g aerosol

Conformal Coatings

Precision Cleaner Dusters

Anti-Static Cleaners

Acrylic Conformal Coating

Acrylic coating engineered for insulation

against electrical shorts and high voltage


Part: 8690 = 12 oz/340 g aerosol

Electronics Cleaner Degreaser PF

Extra-Strength Universal Cleaner and Degreaser safe for use on Plastics

Part: 8601 = 12 oz/340 g Aerosol

Electronic Cleaners/Degreasers, Contact Cleaners and Lubricants

Plastic & Glass Cleaner

Foaming, non-streaking, static neutralizing

cleaner for transparent surfaces

Part: 8670 = 15 oz/425g aerosol

Flux Remover Rosin

Plastic safe flux remover for cleaning

all rosin and rosin-based no-clean flux

Part: 8621 = 12 oz/340 g aerosol

PCB Production, Rework and Repair

Static Sentry

Provides maximum static electricity


Part: 2006 = 12 oz/340 g aerosol

Freeze Spray Anti-Stat

High-performance, pinpoint-accuracy freeze

spray that safely cools individual static

sensitive components

Part: 8660 = 12 oz/340 g aerosol

Flux Remover HD

Heavy-duty flux remover for removing

encrusted no-clean and rosin flux

Part: 8620 = 12 oz/340 g aerosol

Electronics Rinse VT

Engineered to replace HCFC141b


Part: 8604 = 12 oz/340 g aerosol

Lubricant Contact Renew

One-step contact cleaner and lubricant


Part: 8606 = 12 oz/340 g aerosol

Freeze Sprays & Heat Sinks

Precision Engineered Flux Removers

Precision Rinse NS

Economical, regular strength contact

cleaner that quickly removes soils

and oxides

​Part: 8603 = 12 oz/340 g aerosol

Precision Rinse NF

Extra-Strength, nonflammable contact

cleaner that quickly removes soils from 

metal-to-metal contact

Part: 8602 = 12 oz/340 g aerosol

Flux Remover Lead-Free

Powerful flux remover for high temperature, 

lead-free flux removal

Part: 8622 = 12 oz./340 g aerosol