Vacuum Sealers

From sensitive electronics, to sterile medical devices, food to biotech applications, and aerospace technology to scientific devices, a sealer is the ideal centerpiece of any high volume packaging program.

7600 – IPA Cleaning Wipes
Perfect choice for all general cleaning applications where removing contaminants are of concern.

Tool Cubby
11 3/4" x 8 1/2" x 6 1/4" OD

7001, 7016, 7002 – Staticide®Hi Tech Hand Lotion
Staticide® Hi Tech Hand Lotion encourages better wrist strap contact without sacrificing good skin health.

​*Static dissipative
*No glycerin, silicone, lanolin or mineral oil
*Improve wrist strap performance
*Available in clean fresh scent and in fragrance-free

Spudgers - Soldering Tools

deal for opening plastic cases such as MP3 players, cell phones, laptops and more.
*Flat “screwdriver” surface for spudging wire leads down flat on circuit boards
*Notch for hooking and pulling wires or components
*Pointed end for forming wire leads or for use as pointer probe  for holding objects for soldering
*Temperature resistant
*Length: 6 inches

Field Service Kits

​ESD Field Service Kits provide a complete portable ESD safe workstation when personal must work in the field. ESD Field Service Kits are used by technicians in telecommunications, computer, industrial controls, and business equipment service applications.

ESD 3 Ring Binders

​Manufactured from P.V.C static dissipative  vinyl; three (3) ring binders. E.S.D warning labels on cover and spine for product identification.

ESD Trash Cans and Liners

Staticide® Static Dissipative Wastebasket

Avoid generating static by using an anti-static wastebasket in your company's ESD sensitive area.

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ESD Shelf Liners

Available in Corstat and CFP

angled corners will fit standard shelves

Adjustable Racks

ESD Turntable
Ideal for assembly or rework on heavy or awkward mechanical assemblies
ESD safe for use with electrical assemblies
Surface material is conductive rubber; disc material is durable plastic
Surface resistivity of 5 x 10e6 Volume resistivity of 1x10e7
Weight capacity of 200 lbs. for D380


​Numerous brush characteristics are available depending on the characteristics needed for your specific tasks. 


Straight Strong Point - 5" Long

Nickel Plated

Part # = MM-SE

Anti-Static Velcro Tray Straps 
Strap discharges less than 100 volts of tribo-electricity during separation of hooks and loops.
18" Anti-static Velcro Tray Straps
21" Anti-static Velcro Tray Straps

ESD Sheet Protectors

​For three ring binders available in clear Anti-Static polyethylene.  Anti-static polyethylene offers an economical form of protection, resistant to photocopy and laser jet transfer. 

PCB Racks


The Mini-spatulas are ideal for placing epoxies or lubricant in very small amounts into tight places.

Miscellaneous Workstation Items

ESD Paper

​Paper's antistatic properties reduce attraction of airborne particles and enhance its performance in photocopiers and converting processes
Chemical and moisture resistant
Available in white, light blue, yellow, green and pink