ESD Warning Signs allow you to establish the areas requiring static protective measures. Apply them to doors, floors, walls, tote boxes, or to any area containing static sensitive parts.

Identification Arrows and Dots - AR-SH SERIES

Inspection/identification arrows and dots can be permanently affixed or removed without leaving any residue.  Inspection arrows and dots are color coded to identify and point directly to problem areas on any equipment.

Temperatures up to 425F
Use for flagging, identification, quality inspections or to indicate repairMaterial: Paper or Vinyl
Color: Color coded by size

Rohs Labels:

Mark your Lead Free products and work areas with this label. Destructible Green/White Type. Size: 1.7 in. x 1.7 in.

Attention Labels:

Easy to use and provide the ANSI/ESD S8.1 ESD susceptibility symbol (the same symbol as JEDEC 14) and warning message to warn that ESD control precautions are needed when opening package and handling contents. These permanent adhesive destructible type labels are "tamper evident", letting you easily monitor whether or not a package has been opened. Use Label on bags, boxes and totes to ensure proper ESD warning.

Provides non-sparking surfaces on both the inside and the outside. A conductive grid is buried between two static dissipating copolymer substrates that will not shed, crack, chip or rub off. Available on 3" cores.

Moisture Labels:

For use with dry packaging applications

Protect your products by notifying staff and visitors that static control precautions are needed. ESD Aisle Marking Tape allows you to establish the areas requiring static protective measures. This 6 mil, scuff-resistant tape features the ESD Warning Symbol and message. Bright yellow background makes the black text easy to read. Rolls are 3 inches wide and 54 feet long on a 3 inch core.

Polyimide Tape - 22-SH SERIES

Polyimide tapes are typically used in electronics coating such as parylene coating, solder wave and conformal coating.  Can also be used in other high-temp processes such as masking gold leaves during PCB processes.

Withstands high-temperatures up to 500°F (260°C)
Optimum performance in thermal insulation
Flame-resistant electrical insulation

Material: Polyimide
Standard Color: Amber

Designate areas and equipment for lead-free production with aisle marking tape. This 6 mil, scuff-resistant tape features the “no-lead” PB Warning Symbol and message. The high contrast green and white tape is easy to see on dark or light colored floors. Rolls are 3" wide and 54 feet long on a 3 inch core. Message repeats every 12".