4203 Ionizing Bar.  ​The ultimate static eliminator for machinery manufacturers: compact, with built-in electronics, 24VDC supply and very powerful performance.

The 960Mini Air Ionizer is a self contained ionizing air blower designed to neutralize static charges from non-conductive objects.

Ionizing Air Blowers

​The AGZ III is a compact and lightweight Ionizing Air-gun that eliminates static electricity and cleans products in the Electronics, Semiconductor, Medical Device and Industrial markets. The AGZ III has excellent Ion Balance and fast Static Decay Rates that make it the ideal choice for most applications that require static elimination. The AGZIII comfortably fits into the hand of an operator, and can be directed at isolated areas where other devices fail, or cannot effectively deliver ionization. The AGZ III is configurable using custom nozzles for specific applications, and the powerful air stream it generates is ideal for blowing away dust and particulate with ionized air.

​TheDC-ESR-C is a linear ionizing bar that uses the corona discharge method to generate ions. With its low dust emission design, this device is suitable for controlling static in the clean room and inside of laminar flow workstations. 

The BF-SZAII blower is a small profile ionizer, and is a great choice to address static problems in locations that have physical restrictions. The ionizer is ideally suited for both the Electronics industry along with the Life-Sciences market where ESD events can cause process issues, and destruction to electronic components. The blower can also be used for in-tool applictions and for spot ionization, instead of using compressed air technology.

The Tempest Ionizing BlowerBTI Benchtop Ionizer generates AC high voltage to produce balanced ionized airflow, thereby eliminating static charges on surfaces. The unit can be placed at one end of the workbench, or mounted on wall or shelf, and directed at the work target or area to be neutralized. 

Ionizing  Air Guns

​The TSN75A is a current-limited transformer based AC voltage source with resistively-damped output coupling which provides enhanced load (i.e. ionizing apparatus or Applicator) regulation. This enhanced stability vs. a large range of loads results in improved reliability and longevity of both the supply and the load (Patent Pending). The TSN75A includes an input dual-voltage selector switch to support operation with a multitude of international mains power systems
(e.g. 100V…120V and 220V…240V at 50Hz or 60Hz).

​The ELIMINOSTAT CABX is ideal for electronic devices where delicate static elimination is required. 

The SCS 980 Ionized Air Gun provides efficient static charge neutralization by effectively removing particle contamination even on some of the most static-sensitive products.  

Hurricane 300.  This extended range ionizing blower is designed to effectively and efficiently cover a wide area (up to ten feet away) with a high-output stream of ionized air. It is appropriate for either benchtop or industrial overhead applications.

​Portable and flexible, the ZappPLUS System, with its ZappII Piezonizer, is ideal for neutralizing electrostatic charges and blowing loose, dry, surface contaminants from parts, assemblies and packaging materials in Injection Molding, Medical Device, Industrial, Electronics and Semiconductor applications.   The ZappII’s built-in High Frequency Piezoelectric Transformer produces an abundance of balanced ions in an ultra-compact housing

Ionizing Bar

The Sentinel BTIbenchtop blower is an ionizing blower design to be compact and lightweight. Excellent for preventing particle attraction and for use in ESD applications. The Sentinel BTI can be used either setting on a benchtop or mounted on a wall or shelf. Dual fan speeds and compact size make this blower excellent for Medical applications and Electronics Assembly.

The Overhead Ion Blower BF-OHP3Bis based on HDC-AC technology, an improvement that offers high ionizing performance and easy maintenance. The blower provides consistent static elimination over a wide area. The overhead blower is the ideal choice to neutralize static electricity in Medical Packaging, Electronics and Semiconductor applications. With its excellent ion balance and fast static decay rates at low pressure, the BF-OHP3B is the perfect tool for ionization when benchtop space is at a premium.