​The HyFlex® 11-100 ESD Glove

manufactured with conductive X-Static® yarn and a patented foamed nitrile static dissipative coating. The exceptionally ergonomic glove provides high performance dexterity with exceptional electrical properties. Extremely effective for electronic assembly operations where user hand protection and product protection against static discharge is needed. In addition to potentially reducing hand injuries associated with demanding assembly operations, these may also reduce the risk of yield loss due to exposure to oils and residual contaminants associated with bare hand assembly.

Electronics assembly · Circuit board assembly · Wiring applications · ESD sensitive component handling · Equipment maintenance.


*​Sold in Dozens

Conductive Stretch Glove

​*one size fits most

*Specific Gravity of 1.1g/cm3 and diameters of 15 to 19 um.

*cyclic conductive layers on the outer surface of the fiber formed by dyeing and acrylonitrile fiber with copper sulfide instead of dye

*low specific resistance of 5.85 x 10^2 ohms/sq. demonstrating conductivity nearly equal to that of semi-conductors

*fully washable, tested 50 cycles with no appreciable loss of conductivity.

*Average surface resistivity: <10^4 ohms/sq.  ASTM D 257 specification, Class 1 - Category A

*Static Deca: 5 KV to OV = <0.1 sec  Mil-B-81705 B Specification

Sold in Pairs

2001 Static Control Glove

The palm and finger tips have urethane coating for non slip grip, facilitating delicate assembly work.  Special thread is used to minimize dust for clean rooms.  Back of glove is breathable to provide comfort for all day use

*dissipative ESD proctective surface

*washable and economical

*Sold in Pairs

11-800 - HyFlex® Assembly Gloves 

For light foam assembly applications, HyFlex Foam provides your workers with the highest level of comfort and protection. The patented foam coating is resistant to snags and abrasions, and it provides excellent grip in light oil applications by channeling the oil away from the glove surface.


*Sold in Dozens


Blue Nitrile Powder-free Gloves

AMBI-DEX® Industrial Grade Disposable Nitrile Glove, Powdered With Textured Grip 


• Economical puncture resistance with great comfort,    dexterity and tactile sensitivity

• Textured grip provides a good grip in wet or dry  environments

• Contains no natural rubber latex proteins

• Ambidextrous and powdered for quick and easy  donning

• Made from component materials that comply with  Federal Regulations for food contact 21CFR, 170-199 • AQL 4.0

• CFIA approved


• Cleaning • Inspection • Light duty applications


*100 per box, 10 boxes per case

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