Conductive chair mat provide ESD protection and static control.  ESD Floor Vinyl is made from engineered PVC that has inherent electrical properties that will last the lifetime of the mat. This rigid material is available as a chair mat or as a runner, this mat is ideal for a desk or a long workstation. 

   Tray Liners

Electrically Conductive Anti-Fatigue

* Nitricell sponge base delivers 2X the  resilience and 3X the life of typical  sponges
* Available in Smooth and Diamond Plate  surface pattern
* Overall thickness, Standard 9/16” (14  mm) or UltraSoft 15/16” (24 mm)
* Grounding snap is attached to the corner  of each mat (NOTE: Mat must be      grounded with a ground cord; workers  must wear Heel Grounder or shoes with  conductive soles)

Homogeneous Static Dissipative Material

SpecMat-Hstatic dissipative homogeneous work surface is a single-layer, ESD-safe, thermoplastic vinyl that is inherently dissipative throughout. Made in the USA, this material offers high value at a lower cost. The soft textured surface offers comfortable protection against static discharge, parts slippage, and damage from UV lights. The durable material is resistant against solder, heat, and most common solvents.

Mat Chart
TypeTableFloorRoyal BlueLight BlueGrayGreenBlackDark BrownBeige
2 Layer Rubberx

3 Layer Vinylx


Homogeneous Vinylx


6800 Chair Mat


Conductive Runner


Conductive Fatigue


ErgoDeck ESD


ESD Rubber Tray Liner - 16"x24"x0.080" 

The ESD tray liners are used to line the surface of process trays to keep items protected and from sliding around. ESD rubber provides a better path-to-ground and cushion versus the hard surface of the conductive tray. The economical dual layer rubber material is cut to fit a 16"x24" process tray. The 0.080" thick ESD tray liner has a dissipative top layer and a conductive bottom layer. Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD S541-2003. RoHS compliant. Stock is Light Blue, but it is also available in Dark Blue, Green or Gray.

2 layer Rubber Work Surface Matting has the most cost effective ESD work surface rubber available.

*Smooth Surface

*60 mil or 80 mil thicknesses available 



Dual Mat 

MT Series

Three Layer Vinyl Table Mat.  

*Surface is smooth 
*These mats are cushioning mats