CM2815 Network-Ready Dual Wire 
Continuous Resistance Monitor

Provides continuous monitoring of resistance for two wrist straps and two work surface mats. The CM2815 is an extremely sensitive and reliable ground monitoring instrument. Audible and visible alarms are triggered if the operator’s resistance exceeds 35 megohm (factory default). Low resistance can also triggers an alarm event. Mat alarm limits are set at 100 meg ohm.

Each monitor uses a Dual Conductor wrist strap and coil cord, WB5000, WB7000 or WB2850, although other compatible wrist strap sets may be substituted. Dual conductor wrist straps enable efficient, accurate resistance monitoring and grounding redundancy. 

Proactive Key Functions:
Wrist-strap Alarm: High Limit: 35MΩ
Mat Alarm: 100MΩ
Via CM-2800-D, provide digital display on LCD. Also provide 4-20 mA or 0 - 5V analog outputs and external interfaces for siren and tool controls

Hard drive manufacturing / GMR head testing / Electronics assembly / Aerospace / Military / Semiconductor Fabrication / Any static sensitive assembly and test environment

Product Specifications
Dimensions4"W x 3"d x 1"H
Weight6.8 oz.
Unit Monitoring Capabilities
CM28152 wrist straps/persons + 2 mats
Performance Specifications
Wrist Strap Low Resistance Alarm Limit1.8 meg ohm
Wrist Strap high Resistance Alarm Limit35 meg ohm
Mat (soft ground)Resistance Alarm Limit100 meg ohm
Typical Operator Voltage at 10M
Imposed Voltage on Body

max 0.1V (100mV) at standard version; can

be preset at factory to max 0.025V (25mV) or max

0.8V (800mV) per customer request

Max Mat Voltage (open circuit)0.2V (200mV)
Max Mat Voltage (alarm at 100M)0.15V (150mV)
Max Tool Voltage (open circuit)0.01V (10mV)
Max Tool Voltage (alarm at 10 Ohm)0.4Mv

Built in RJ-485 IN and OUT communication ports

to support drop-line internetworking

DC Power Supply7-15 VDC, 100mA
AC Input100-240 VAC, 1A
Temperature limits50F (10C) to 122F (50C)
AdjustmentsNo serviceable components
Unit Accessories
CM2800-DDigital Display Unit
CM2800-RelayOutput relay for Alarm Functions
CM-CableRJ-485 Communication Cable
FM1515Work Surface Ground Cable
FM1515CMMonitor Ground Cable
FM1515NRMonitor to Work Surface Cable