FL Sewn Seams

Form, fashion and function.

HC Sewn Seams

Contoured style for increased comfort.

FC Sewn Seams

Quality, comfort and style in one.

Belize BE Series

Larger upholstered backrests, smaller overall cost.


Sit-to-stand solution with wide swiveling seat

Skoop KX Series

One-piece ergonomic shell is molded of super high-density polypropyene.

Regent RT Series

Sturdy stools with added back support.

Ajax AJ Series

Sturdy stools for every environment.

Avenue AE Series

Larger upholstered seats, smaller overall cost.

Amherst AM Series

Larger contoured seats and backrests. King size comfort.

Rexford RX

Long lasting, upholstered stool.

UniqueU UU Series

Comfortable, washable performance.

Cerex CX Series

Thick skinned for messy environments.

Eton ET Series

Comfort, durability and economy.

Bridgeport BT Series

Hard-working, reasonably priced.

2A Vacuum Formed

Foot-activated height adjustment stool.

ArmorSeat GG Series

Anytime. Anywhere. Guaranteed.

HL Sewn Seams

Coming together at the seams.

Elite EE Series

Extraordinary comfort for extended sitting.

TXG 1G Series

Tough performance for small spaces.

Traxx TX

Stout steel stools

RT Vacuum formed

Sturdy stools with added back support.

Pogo 1Y Series

Seating for maximum workspace efficiency.

Willow WW Series

The strength, look and feel of wood.

RX Vacuum Formed

Long lasting, upholstered stool.

Chairs and Stools


Ergonomic sit stands for work while standing.