This transparent metal-in static shielding bag is designed to provide a static safe environment for sensitive electronic devices. Bags are printed with an ESD protective symbol and a lot code for traceability. Open top and ZipTop  styles are available. The bags are heat sealable. Static Shielding Bags are manufactured from a polyester, metal, polyethylene laminate. The polyester dielectric in concert with the metal layer provides discharge shielding. The exterior being static dissipative allows electrostatic charges to be removed when grounded.

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Moisture Barrier Bag is designed for dry packaging of electronic devices and uses the first structure. The moisture bag replaces costly nylon/foil laminates with metallized polyester and offers the strongest price/performance relationship in the dry packaging of moisture sensitive devices. The moisture bag offers full protection from ESD, static fields and tribocharging. 

Contains a black color additive. Manufactured with a proprietary blend of 100% virgin low and linear low density polyethylene and a conductive additive. Meets the conductivity requirements of MIL-P-82646 Rev B. You cannot see through this product in interior light.

It is humidity independent, N-Octanoic acid free, does not promote corrosion and has no measurable outgassing. This material meets the electrical & physical properties of PRF-81705D Type II.