Anti-Static Coating and Cleaners

​​​2002 / 2005 – Heavy Duty Staticide®

Use this ready-to-use anti-static topical for cleaning industrial parts like conveyor systems to control static and for preventing tribogeneration on foam, carpet, and upholstery.

2006 – Staticide® Static Sentry

Staticide® Static Sentry uses the same proven effective surfactants as our Staticide® Original Concentrate only it's specially packaged in a convenient aerosol can for easy application.

3000 – Staticide® Original Concentrate

Proven effective in eliminating static-related problems in industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities. Staticide® Concentrate saves freight, handling and storage costs for high production facilities while offering greater flexibility in dilution.

6300 – Staticide® ESD Safety Shield

Our ESD Safety Shield coatings create a dissipative surface for long-term effects and are primarily used on plastics, films, and equipment parts. The 6300 formula is designed for application on common plastics such as acrylic, PET, PETG, PVC, and polycarbonate. Curing this coating can be done at ambient temperatures or accelerated through low heat. This product is ideal for plastic parts, electronic housing, bins, clamshell packaging and shelving to prevent static buildup and maintain ESD safety standards.

6001 – Mat & Table Top Cleaner

ACL Mat & Table Top Cleaner is a multi-purpose neutral cleaner that is designed for production areas including static control zones.

8670 – ACL Plastic & Glass Cleaner

This foaming, non-streaking, static-neutralizing cleaner will not generate static even while using. Safe to use on plastics.

2001 / 2003 – General Purpose Staticide®

This convenient and ready-to-use anti-static topical cleaner eliminates static to a zero charge and prevents tribogeneration on all environmental surfaces, plastic products, and product packaging.

Staticide® Ready-to-Use Dilutions

Non-staining, completely biodegradable and safe to use. Proven to be effective in relative humidity below 15%. One gallon covers approximately 2000 sq.ft. and will last from weeks to months depending on the application.